Meaning of the Exposure

Evolution. I remember when I started to taking interests in architecture and interior design I appreciated all trends but those modernistic ones seemed always a bit austere to me. I could easily be captivated by some classical tenement house (and I still am, how could I not be) but when I saw a raw form of a building I was asking myself who would like to live there. Then I went to university. I was spending every single day in almost Bauhaus-looking interiors – my department was styled like this. Modernist buildings between those large old ones I found truly beautiful. I still couldn’t say I enjoyed it. Structures like Bauhaus Archiv can be trully difficult to understand. Then one lecture changed my point of view entirely.
bauhaus archiv berlin front modernism building design

The lecture was about history of interior styles and professor had gone off topic so the discussion was about “why a lot of people enjoy tacky and terrible interiors”. Everyone had their own theory but professor said one word that changed everything. Exposure. If one were growing up in cheesy home, one friends were living in cheesy interiors in future that person will be living in cheesy place also. It’s not a rule but if someone was doing homework on art classes I’m afraid it’s likely to happen. Of course there are talented people, with intuition. But it’s minority yet everyone need to live somewhere or buy furniture. The point is simple – expose yourself to some good examples. Maybe not to Scandinavian style because I dare to say you probably already are exposed… Though I adore it. If you visit Berlin i recommend you to go to see Bauhaus Archiv.

bauhaus archiv berlin front modernism building design

Interesting features of Bauhaus Archiv

The building was designed by founder of Bauhaus Walter Gropius. Construction was originally planned to be located in Darmstadt for the Rosenhöhe. Because of political considerations that was impossible to accomplish. Decision was to place the building in Berlin nearby Landwehrkanal.  After Bauhaus master’s death two architects Alex Cvijanovic and Hans Bandel modified the design. Finally in December 1979 grand opening was celebrated. Form of the building is fascinating – sawtooth roof and long ramps are making this structure hard to forget. Monochrome with white as a dominant only completes the impression of uniqueness.

Bauhaus Museum Berlin

bauhaus archiv berlin front modernism building design

Different opinion

There’s one thing I would like to bring up. I was growing up in Poland so please keep that in mind. Maybe in other European countries everyone has great taste in architecture but I honestly doubt it. If you have experienced something similar just write about it in comments. Maybe you have totally different opinion? I’d like to read about it.

Bis Bald guys!