I’m one of the people who are looking at the world through camera lenses. Even in my hometown I’m like a tourist, strolling and taking pictures of things I’ve seen a billion times. Often they would land just at some disk and be forgotten. Until I’ve found a solution! You may ask „how to display picture and be able to change it frequently?” Let me show you!

how to display picture iphone flatlay headphones

At the bottom you can find this print of a seagull for free download.

1. Choose place with easy access.

If your going to change the print quite often you need to be able to easly take frame and replace the content. Unless you are basketball player try to keep it low on the wall or on shelf. Pinboard or wire grid are trendy recently and became an decoration itself. After an overview  I’ve decided to put my picture in old-fashioned way – on my desk.

how to display pictures collage seagull frame wall

2. Try several frames and looks.

It always depends on your personal preferences so try, if it’s possible, different frames or size of the photograph itself. Sometimes it’ll look better when put in some heavy baroque looking  frame sometimes minimal border will do the job perfectly. You can also pick up from opposties below which will help you to display picture.

heavy frame with large borders – no frame at all

dark borders – light borders

large passe-partout – without passe-partout

glass that reflect the light – no glass at all so total matt finish

But keep in mind one thing: If you want to frequently change photos inside go for solution that will fit to various pictures. I went for black and white duo from Ikea.

how to display pictures collage seagull frame desk wire grid

how to display pictures collage seagull frame desk wire grid

3. Choose theme.

If you’re going to display alongside more than one picture from the same set try to choose specific theme. In this matter you can go for blurred images, desaturated ones, rich dark colored or whatever you find most suited for your space.

how to display pictures seagull frame desk wire grid

4. Modify the picture, be creative!

If you are a proffesional then by all means edit your photo as you like the most but for those of you who are like me an enthusiast I got the perfect solution! Use tools you’re already familiar with. If this means photoshop that’s ok, but I was thinking about your favourite phone apps. That simple. Obviously keep in mind some restrictions such as quality resolution but many apps are offering wide range of functionalities. On the other hand we can’t forget about fundamental method of editing – a manual one! So grab a brush or a marker and have fun!

5. Use your ordinary printer.

To simplify and to speed up the process print your pictures at home. It’ll help you not only save time but more important is that you won’t be able to procrastinate. Cozy and safe environment, no makeup, pyjamas on – there’s no need of leaving home.

To download picture cklick ME 

seagull sopot poland print monochrome how to display pictures

So guys, I hope that this guide will help you to display picture that captured some happiness. Remember that good memories are worth to cherich and THE DISPLAY DOESN’T NEED TO BE PERFECT. Just print it and show it here in the comments! It would be nice if you could share with us some other ideas how to edit the photograph in an old-fashioned way.